Who We Are

Suttonedge Capital LLC is a real estate investment company that helps you achieve financial freedom through innovative and profitable solutions. We acquire and manage high-quality cash-flowing assets that will help you save taxes, generate passive income, and secure your future and lifestyle.

Our Vision

To create lasting financial freedom for our clients through innovative and profitable real estate solutions.

Our Mission

To acquire and manage high-quality cash-flowing assets that will help our investors achieve their goals and reclaim their time.

Target Audience and Market

We serve high-income-earning individuals in the United States who are looking for tax-saving opportunities to invest their money in profitable and stable real estate assets. We also cater to accredited or sophisticated investors who are interested in commercial and apartment buildings in landlord-friendly states such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Unique Selling Proposition

We help you achieve financial freedom through real estate investing by providing you with cash-flowing opportunities and passive income that will secure your future and lifestyle.

Services and Offerings

We engage in buying, renting, operating, and selling apartment buildings in the United States. Our team of experts has many years of combined experience in asset acquisition and management.

Brand Story and Background

Our core values are Family, Integrity, and Commitment.


We make every investor feel welcomed as a unit. We share a sense of unity in investing as a team, we help each other grow in the business and achieve their goal of financial freedom.


We show a high degree of transparency in our deals, by this investors understand that there is no hidden agenda in our offerings. We are honest about our returns and how the assets are acquired and operated.



We are dedicated to growing the awareness of our community about financial freedom opportunities.

Our Team and Expertise

Our managing member is Chukwuka John Umeojiako. He has participated in the syndication of 5 different apartment deals all in Texas. He was involved in managing his Dad’s Real Estate in Nigeria where he was born. He started investing in Real Estate in the United States in 2021. He came from a single-family background and currently building deals in commercial and apartment spaces.

Future Plans and Growth

We keep an eye on market trends and opportunities and will continue to monitor the Texas market closely and make informed decisions based on the data we gather.

In addition to investing in Texas, we are also exploring other landlord-friendly states that offer growth potential. Our goal is to diversify our portfolio and expand our reach while maintaining our commitment to providing quality properties and exceptional service to our tenants.

We are excited about the future and look forward to exploring new opportunities for growth and success in the real estate industry.

Suttonedge Capital LLC capitalizes on Texas’s rising real estate market and others like it. We understand that entering a new sector requires a thorough consideration of its pros and cons.

We consider market demand, economic stability, population growth, rental legislation, and regulatory environment while expanding into new states. We understand that market dynamics and state laws can greatly impact our investments.

Local real estate agents and property managers help us develop sustainably and profitably. Their expertise helps us find investment opportunities, navigate the legislation, and boost earnings.

We also research market trends, technology, and client preferences. This positions us for success in a competitive real estate market. Property management software and online rental platforms are two ways we use innovation to boost efficiency and profits.
As a real estate company, we know this market’s risks. Thus, we establish long-term growth plans to anticipate and overcome challenges.


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