Suttonedge Capital LLC is a real estate investment company that helps you achieve financial freedom through innovative and profitable solutions. We acquire and manage high-quality cash-flowing assets that will help you save taxes, generate passive income, and secure your future and lifestyle.

Why Invest With Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest with Suttonedge Capital LLC:

High Returns on Investment:

We offer attractive returns on your investment, such as monthly or quarterly cash distributions, tax benefits, and equity appreciation. We aim to deliver an average annual return of 15% or more to our investors.

Passive Income and Tax Benefits

We provide passive income without active management. Enjoy cash flow as we handle operations. You benefit from tax advantages like depreciation, cost segregation, and 1031 exchanges.

Diversification and Risk Mitigation:

We diversify your portfolio across multiple assets and markets to reduce exposure. Thorough due diligence and risk analysis identify and mitigate potential risks.

Access to Exclusive Markets and Deals

We access exclusive deals not available to the public through our extensive networks and relationships. Our expertise allows us to negotiate favorable terms and pricing.

Professional and Experienced Team

Our experienced team has years of combined asset acquisition and management experience, including syndicating 5 Texas apartment deals. We have a proven track record and passion for real estate.

Benefits of Suttonedge Capital LLC Fund

Investing in Suttonedge Capital LLC Fund is a smart and strategic way to achieve financial freedom through real estate. Here are some of the benefits of joining our fund:

Risk Mitigation

Our fund has a high Sharpe ratio, which means that it has a high return for a low risk. The Sharpe ratio is a measurement of the risk-adjusted return of an investment. Because our fund can hold multiple assets across multiple markets, it is less vulnerable to market fluctuations or asset-specific issues. If any one asset or market faces a challenge, we have other assets in the fund that can provide stable returns until the situation is resolved. We believe this is especially important in the current economic climate, where uncertainty and volatility are high.


Our fund offers flexibility and diversification for our investors. Unlike a single-asset investment, our fund acquires assets over time, which allows us to take advantage of different market conditions and opportunities. This is similar to the “dollar cost averaging” strategy that equity investors use to buy shares over time. This also allows us to “asset cost average”, which means we can balance our assets' cost and value over time. In addition, our fund has a 10-year horizon, which gives us more options and time to exit each asset at the best price possible. We can also use refinancing to return some or all of the original investment to our investors while maintaining our target returns.

Economies of Scale

Our fund leverages economies of scale to reduce operating costs and increase profits. By having multiple assets in the fund, we can negotiate better deals with insurance, property management, and other service providers. We can also share resources and best practices among our properties to improve efficiency and performance. We believe this is crucial in the current environment, where inflation and rent growth are affecting affordability and expectations.

>> How To Invest With Us?

Using these four simple steps, we will help you on your investing journey:

Complete our introductory form:

We want to get to know you and your goals. We offer free consultations to discuss your investment goals and answer any questions you have. Filling out the form to schedule your call is the first step.

Discovery Call

We will listen to your goals and expectations, and answer all your questions. We will also educate you on our company, our services, our opportunities, and our process.

Invest With Us

We regularly have investment opportunities which we send out to our investor community. By signing up, you will have the first hand opportunity to join in these deals which are usually subscribed very fast.

Enjoy a Stream of Passive Income

After making your investment, relax and let your money do the heavy lifting in the dynamic world of real estate.

What Our Investors Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from some of our previous or current investors:

"At Suttonedge Capital LLC, we are committed to helping our investors grow their wealth through strategic real estate investments."

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